Mindfulness-Based Coaching - 8 Sessions

Dr. Barry ‘Baz’ Morris, Physician and Certified stress and Anxiety Coach


Private One-on-One Mindfulness-Based Anxiety Coaching

One-on-One Confidential Coaching with Dr. Morris*

What's Included: 

  • One-on-One In-Person or Video Coaching with me via Zoom.US (a free video service )

  • 2-Month's Duration, 8 Weekly 1-hour Sessions (recommended)

For those who:

  • Can't afford the sliding scale offered by most therapists (typically $150-$300 per session), or

  • Prefer coaching instead of therapy at this point in time


  • Access to the both Anxiety Blog rewards, including:

    • Weekly Installments of DR. BAZ'S ANXIETY JOURNAL on Gumroad.com (see above) - an almost daily account of what my anxiety looks like and how I'm dealing with it. I post it weekly and you’ll receive it in your email each Friday.

    • PDF of my new book, "LET THAT SH*T GO: A Brief Practice Guide to Calming Your Mind Before Bed and Getting the Rest Your Crave” (instantly downloadable, a one-time reward)

    • Audiobook of "LET THAT SH*T GO: A Brief Practice Guide to Calming Your Mind Before Bed and Getting the Rest Your Crave” (instantly downloadable files -when released- a one-time reward)

  • 8 weekly 60-MINUTE coaching sessions aimed at uncovering the root issues behind your anxiety as well as instruction and coaching around your progress with the mindfulness-based modalities.

  • Email access to Dr. Baz between sessions (2 per week)

  • Periodic materials sent via email (rare, but when I come across something cool in my reading or research, I’ll pass it on)

Cost for Coaching Sessions:

  • $97/session

  • 8 weekly sessions (recommended for best results)

  • Payment options available

This form pays for your initial session only. Please complete to proceed.

DISCLAIMER: *Anxiety coaching should not be considered medical advice nor medical or cognitive behavioral therapy. Coaching consists of private, confidential conversations and assessment tools designed to help you gain insight into what triggers your anxiety. Within the coaching relationship, we will also explore practices to decrease the severity of your anxiety and develop a calmer mind. If I believe that you need to seek further assistance from medical or mental health professionals, I will recommend that.