As a form of micro-patronage for my work on anxiety and stress, I host a membership program. If you’re not looking to engage with a coach but would still like to see what mindfulness-based approach to anxiety is like, you can join this level of membership for only $25 per month.


Written and hosted by Dr. Barry Baz Morris, this online coaching resource is a monthly membership that affords you access to a growing collection of articles and teachings (via email and video). 

The weekly email letter dives deeper into my own experiences with anxiety, the latest research around its treatment, and exercises and practices to help reclaim the vibrant life that anxiety robbed you of so long ago. 

You Need Not Suffer Alone

Millions of people all over the world suffer from anxiety. The days of suffering in silence and allowing anxiety to limit your life activities don't have to be your reality. There is help available.

Who Should Subscribe

  • MBAJ is recommended for all who suffer from anxiety and are looking for the latest information regarding treatment that focuses on mindfulness and meditation as alternatives to the medication only approach.

  • It's also for those who prefer a more anonymous alternative over my one-on-one anxiety coaching, but who want to gain from the insight, experience, and expertise I offer in this area.

What to Expect

The Latest Research

The MBAJ includes weekly posts that cover 1) my personal journey living with anxiety, from the roughest times to my current path of mindfulness-based treatment, 2) the latest news and approaches to using mindfulness-based treatment modalities, 3) and occasional videos hosted by Dr. Morris.

Experience Telling

Not only will you receive an email from me (via my membership host platform, that contains teaching around one facet of anxiety. But more than just a repeat of dry, boring research articles, I write each issue from the perspective of one who also lives with anxiety. 

Real-Life Applications

Each teaching includes real-world applications for you to put into practice and experience less anxiety. Dry articles only educate whereas my goal for you is that you'll take action and move forward in decreasing your anxiety. That can only be made possible by working each day as opportunities arise.

Video Teachings

Also included are occasional videos hosted by Dr. Morris that go into further detail and give you a sense of connection with your coach.

Bonus: Complimentary Copy of my eBook

 In addition to the weekly coaching letter, you'll also receive a free copy of my book, Let That Sh!t Go - A Brief Practice Guide to Calming Your Mind Before Bed and Getting the Rest You Crave!

A $9.99 value, is yours when you join (this is a one-time benefit, though I may offer other bonuses in future months).

This eBook is a brief practice guide to mindfulness-based anxiety treatment modalities that can work together to create a calmer mind, especially at bedtime when our monkey-mind is most active. I know you'll find it beneficial and helpful.

"But $25/month is a lot, you know?"

"Yes, it is a lot of money. However, at the same time, when you compare it to the $175-$300/hour charge most therapists offer and still less than my own One-on-One Anxiety Coaching at $97/session, it sounds very affordable."

The Question You Should Be Asking

"What is it worth to me to find a path forward that will decrease my anxiety and allow me to live without limitation?"

The goal for you (and me) is to find that path that leads to a calmer, less stressful mode of living. I often say, quite truthfully, that there is no cure for anxiety but that we can learn modalities and practices that decrease (and for some even eliminate) its effects.

Mindfulness-based Coaching is the Way Forward

The goal for you (and me) is to find that path that leads to a calmer, less stressful mode of living. I often say, quite truthfully, that there is no cure for anxiety but that we can learn modalities and practices that decrease (and for some even eliminate) its effects.

Try a Free Sample!

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MBAJ - This resource is a micro-patronage membership and consists of access to a growing collection of articles and exercises (via email) that dive deeper into my own experience of anxiety, the latest research around anxiety and its effects.

REWARDS - Because I believe in rewarding you for positive behavior, you’ll receive thee rewards when you subscribe to MBAJ:

  • Weekly email letter from THE MINDFULNESS-BASED ANXIETY JOURNAL - an almost daily account of what my anxiety looks like and how I'm using my own mindfulness-based coaching modalities to deal with it. I post it weekly, sometimes more often, as a blog post that you’ll automatically receive via email.

  • A complimentary copy of my book, valued at $9.99 - Let That Sh!t Go! - A Brief Practice Guide for Calming Your MindBefore Bed and Getting the rest You Crave -


DISCLAIMER: *Anxiety coaching should not be considered medical advice nor medical or cognitive behavioral therapy. Coaching consists of private, confidential conversations and assessment tools designed to help you gain insight into what triggers your anxiety. Within the coaching relationship, we will also explore practices to decrease the severity of your anxiety and develop a calmer mind. If I believe that you need to seek further assistance from medical or mental health professionals, I will recommend that.