Isn’t it time you talked to someone about it?

Life use to be so incredible, right?

What happened to that spring in your step and the joy you used to feel just from being alive?

Life is difficult

So wrote M. Scott Peck, MD in his landmark book, The Road Less Traveled. He was right because life is also full of stress and anxiety and they can make life unbearable at times. In fact, if left unchecked, they can lead to severe illness and chronic disease.

For some of us, we never know when anxiety is going to visit us. For others, it seems like stress & anxiety moved in, unpacked, and started taking over our lives. But, with exploration we can discover what triggers anxiety and only then can we do something about it.


Dr. Barry ‘Baz’ Morris, Stress & Anxiety Coach

“Each of you is perfect the way you are… and you need a little improvement.”

~Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Monk & Teacher

Stress and anxiety can certainly make you feel far less than perfect. But you’re still the same good-hearted person you were before stress and anxiety started wreaking havoc in your life.

It might surprise you to know that most people don’t have a medical issue that results in anxiety symptoms, but when you’re in the middle of an anxiety episode it can sure feel like you do.

“I envision a world where suffering from anxiety doesn’t exist.

In my Mindfulness-based Coaching Program, I’ll teach you new coping strategies and, most importantly, you’ll have a partner who will listen, help you explore new options and practices, and be your champion when you feel that you don’t have one.

Mindfulness-based coaching grew out of my own study and experiences with Practical Buddhism’s core practices—meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindness. I further developed these practices for decreasing the suffering around my own stress and anxiety that form a foundation for lasting change. I cover these as well as other modalities in my one-on-one online or in-person coaching.

The Goal is to Develop New Skills so that You Can Live Life to the Fullest

Neither meditation nor medication alone will cure your anxiety. In fact, there is no definitive cure. Living alongside anxiety with minimal interference to your life is the goal. In most cases the goal isn’t to rid ourselves of stress (that’s impossible if we’re alive and kicking) but rather to uncover and understand what triggers our reactions and minimize both our exposure to the triggers and healthy ways of coping with them when they arise.

I’ve lived with anxiety for most of my life. Some years were pretty bad, while others, not-so-much. Before I was able to recognize the issues and situations that triggered my anxiety, I was unaware, unprepared, and at the mercy of its effects. I currently manage my anxiety via a whole foods approach to nutrition with an emphasis on low carbohydrates, lots of healthy fats, and moderate protein intake, a magnesium-based dietary supplement for calming muscle irritability (restless legs), physical exercise, meditation and mindfulness practices, as well as self-coaching and time spent with a therapist specializing in stress and anxiety issues.

Since anxiety is a multi-dimensional issue, my approach to coaching other is also founded on what I know works.

Learn More About Mindulness-based Coaching

My mindfulness-based coaching model uses the Buddha’s core practices of meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindness as the foundation for eliminating the suffering that accompanies stress and anxiety, as well as other modalities.

“I help clients discover what triggers their anxiety, and to form new coping behaviors to eliminate their suffering.”

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