I’m Barry but my friends call me Baz. Photo 2019

I’m Barry but my friends call me Baz. Photo 2019

I’m Baz and I write about the following themes…

Living With Anxiety

I’ve long denied that I have a problem with anxiety. Whether my denial stems from the fear surrounding the stigma of having a mental health issue or if I’ve just been too distracted to think it was a serious issue, I’m now firmly in the camp of admitting that I live with anxiety and have occasional panic attacks. #transparency

Not only that, but I’ve also started a membership community over at Patreon.com where I’m posting both public and premium content related to this.

Compassion & Meditation

In my 61 years of experience, I’ve found that helping others is the key to getting ahead in life. I thank my late dad for teaching me that by way of his personal example. He was never one to see someone in need and keep walking.  He exemplified compassion and empathy. He passed away in 2017 and it was an honor to be his caretaker for the final two years of his life. Though not a Practical Buddhist like me, his example of compassionate-kindness expressed toward others continues to light my path.

Living With Less

I embraced a minimalist lifestyle over a decade ago. I’ve written extensively about my experiences living with less and how it enriches my life’s experience. Minimalism isn’t about giving up what you love, need, or want. It’s about curating your environment so that you can enjoy what truly brings you joy and add value to your life. If you enjoy your gaming system, great…keep it! If your collection of old coffee pots adds value to your life, again keep it. If, however, you have 130 pairs of socks (purses, backpacks, coffee mugs) and struggle to find space in your home for all of them, maybe living with less socks is a better choice. By subscribing to BarryMorris.me you can download my free 27-page PDF about how living with less can benefit your life and how to get started.

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