Beliefs are like photographs…

They freeze our consciousness in place and result in a rigid mind.

Our lives are ever-changing, evolving each and every day.

When we voluntarily adopt a belief or a belief system, we attempt a freeze-frame our life. Freeze-framing our life is like trying to freeze our children at age two.

We’d love to be able to do it sometimes, but it isn’t realistic.

Beliefs are usually thoughts we have about something; about something we want to be true. But Reality is different than this. Reality is what we actually see, experience, and know.

Beliefs that never match reality because life is ever changing and evolving. Reality isn’t something to believe in. It’s what is.

Living according to reality is how you awaken. Choosing a set of beliefs is choosing to substitute something else, a story, a tradition, a ritual that holds no personal meaning…in place of reality.