Mindfulness-based Coaching can help you enjoy life again.


Anxiety is like a speed bump in the road of life

As with all speed bumps, we can navigate them safely and still get to our destination on time. But if we run over the bump too fast, we can lose our sense of feeling in control.

Anxiety makes us feel out of control. Getting back to a place where we feel more in control and enjoy more calm and peaceful moments is the goal. Calm and peace can’t be found in either a book, a program, or a pill.

The calm and control you seek is already inside you. Coaching can help uncover the core issues around your anxiety, explore coping and preventative practices, and provide compassionate mindfulness-based support for your journey.

Mindfulness-based coaching can help you prepare for anxiety’s next visit, help you get through it, and over time reduce its lasting effects. I know from experience that the longing for peace and freedom is really a yearning for our authentic selves. Coaching can help you get in touch with your authentic self.

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How Does Coaching Work?

Getting started is easy:

  • I offer two forms of coaching: Private One-on-One Coaching and the Mindfulness-Based Anxiety Journal.

  • For Private Coaching, if you’re local (within 20 miles) we can arrange a meeting in a public place (parks work well for this allowing time for some slow walking, some sitting, and relative privacy).

  • If you’re not local or prefer an online setting, we’ll meet session by using the free Zoom.us service. The Zoom app is free and can be downloaded for your favorite device. (Android) (iOS). Sessions last 60-90 minutes.

  • Before our first live session (online or in-person) I’ll email you a brief questionnaire and ask you to fill it out and return it so that we can get right to it during our first session. Read more about Private Coaching by clicking here.

  • For the MBAJ, you’ll receive a weekly private letter from me that teaches you about one facet of anxiety as well as real-world applications for the coming week. Read more about this options by clicking here.

What Are the Sessions Like?

Coaching sessions are informal, relaxed, and compassionate. You won’t find any judgement or preconceived assumptions.

  • The first few weekly sessions will be focused on exploring all the ways that stress or anxiety interferes with your life as well as some practice instruction to get started.

  • I’ll ask you some focused questions regarding your lifestyle, habits, nutrition, exercise and a few others. You’ll have time to go into detail info you wish about anything you share with me.

  • I approach the coaching relationship as a partnership where both you and I will talk about how best to move forward with some healthy practices aimed at decreasing your level of anxiety.