The Practical Buddhist - Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual

The Practical Buddhist is a spiritual memoir that tells the story of my departure from Big Religion and how I found the peace, stillness, and completeness that existed all along inside me.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Compassionate-Kindness: These three active practices sustain me and can do the same for you.


Let That Sh!t Go - A Brief Practice Guide to Calming Your Mind Before Bed and Getting the Rest You Crave

This latest book is a must-read for all anxiety sufferers (and my coaching clients) and for anyone who is looking for a way through the issues that keep them from falling and staying asleep. Based on my Mindfulness-based Coaching experiences as well as my own experiments with each of the modalities discussed in the book, it’s a tested and effective approach for calming the monkey-mind and getting the quality of rest you deserve.

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The Path of the Mindful Warrior - How to Develop the Inner Strength You Need to Work Alongside Type-A Personalities in the Modern Workplace

There’s no doubt that the so-called Modern Workplace, with it’s open office layout and team approach to everything, can increase your anxiety at work. In The Path of Mindful Warrior I teach you the meditation and mindfulness approaches I use to combat these external environmental pollutants to create a more calm and anxiety-free experience.