Tunnel Vision

I get it and I get it often.

I get it often and I love it.

For a while, anyway.

The 411 and the evolution of Zen-Journal

In addition to this blog, I also write another. For the past few months, I've been working on it nearly every day. It's become my drug of choice. 

I'm kidding....coffee can never be suplanted as my go-to! 

It's a website and blog about how to use an analog time and life management system I created a few years ago using just a pen, a notebook, and a smartphone (or your favorite digital device).

It all started a few years before when I discovered the Bullet Journal® system, another analog pen-and-paper task management method.

I adopted Bullet Journal® and started using it...and when I say I adopted it, I mean that I did so in a big way.

  • I devoted the very website you're reading now to covering how I used it and how I modified it
  • I wrote and published a book called The Bullet Journal® Power User Guide.
  • I created a course by the same name as well

1,800 students later, the creator of the system (through his attorney) began emailing all authors that were producing works that referenced his creation. Though he never reached out to me personally, his attorney did via a cease-and-desist letter asking me to cease from selling the course.  8-O 

She explained that he was trying to get his arms around the rapidly-expanding enterprise he'd created and attempting to manage the intellectual property to which he had a right.

After trading a few emails back-and-forth with the attorney, I told her I was happy to comply and did exactly that. I stopped selling the course, removed all references to Bullet Journal®, and devoted my attention to other topics.

However, as I describe in this post over at Zen-Journal.com (my other site), the numerous modifications to the Bullet Journal® system I'd made resulted in a more efficient method of managing both my tasks and, in a greater sense, my life. I continued to use this hybrid system, corrected some issues that I never liked, and soon realized that I had something of my own.

Why am I telling you this?

It's my round-about way of explaining why I haven't been posting here. 

As I said, I get tunnel vision.

When I get it, it means I can only see what's in front of me.

For a few months now, Zen-Journal has been what's in front of me.

There more to come here

I'll be posting here to BarryMorris.net again soon. I've missed it.

I have some additional minimalist experiments planned and I'll be telling you about those.


P.S. Feel free to stop by and download a free user guide to Zen-Journal! Just click on the image below.