Going Keto

Something needed to change: in particular, my waistline.

I once lost 30 pounds on the Atkins nutritional plan, but over a three year period, I gained it back and then some.

I considered starting Atkins again but ultimately decided against it. I decided against it mostly because there are too many choices. Given that I don't like shopping anyway, I continued my search for a simple nutritional plan.

I stumbled across the ketogenic nutritional plan after my girlfriend Karen told me about it. After researching it extensively on YouTube and the blogosphere, I decided keto was worth a try, plus, it's simplicity appealed to me. If a food was rich in fat, I bought it. Starches and sugar, nope.

With the keto nutritional plan, a food is either fat-storing or fat-burning. Sugars and starches found in most grains, fruit, pasta, bread, and cereals contribute to fat storage. The carbohydrates in these foods, unless they're burned right away as an energy source, are ultimately stored in fat cells.

Carbs also lead to cravings for more carbs. It's an endless cycle of eating carbs, feeling sluggish and slow, then crashing from low blood glucose and raiding the pantry for a quick pick-me-up, usually more carbs.

But food rich in fats, such as meat, fish, butter, cream, bacon, sausage as well as fats contained in avocados, almonds, and pistachios -just to name a few- are considered fat-burning foods. The science says that if you eat more fat, then your metabolism which usually prefers to burn carbs, will eventually run out of fuel and turn to burning fat instead. 

I've only been on the keto plan for a week, but even in this short time not only do I feel lighter, but my black Levi Strauss jeans that were previously too uncomfortable to wear suddenly aren't. I wore them to work this past week and was surprisingly comfortable.

I know that much of this weight loss is water because water is also stored in fat cells. So I'm chugging water at an amazing volume and I'm using pink Himalayan sea salt to help replenish electrolytes. I previously stopped using salt because of blood pressure concerns, but so far I'm not retaining any additional water. 

I'm also starting my day with Bullet Proof Coffee. I make my coffee each morning in a pour-over style and then add heavy cream and a tablespoon of real butter or a teaspoon of coconut oil medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil or coconut oil which also contains more. 

Certain saturated fats, especially MCTs and other healthy fats found in things like coconut oil or grass-fed beef, are in fact easier to digest than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) and might even have more benefits related to heart health, obesity prevention, and brain health, too. --Google

Before I start sounding like keto salesperson, I'll just mention that all of this makes good sense to me. I've read up on the effects of higher fat nutritional plans on diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and heart disease and the results are encouraging.

I know that if I can lose 30-50 pounds, I'll be in a position to remain healthier longer... and that's what life should be all about...right?