About Dr. Morris

Dr. Barry W. ‘Baz’ Morris, Stress and Anxiety Coach

Dr. Barry W. ‘Baz’ Morris, Stress and Anxiety Coach

Life Stress and Anxiety Triggers I Can Help You With:

Anxiety and stress are often at the root of other life challenges, such as:

  • Career & Relationship Changes

  • Parenting & Elder Care Issues

  • Empath & HSP Issues

  • Financial challenges


Dr. Barry ‘Baz’ Morris

As coach, author, and writer my compassion-based approach to life is derived from my highly-sensitive person (HSP) and empathic traits. Because of these two dominant traits, I’m a very mindful coaching partner.

In 2012 I founded the path of Buddhist living called Practical Buddhism that includes three active practices: meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindess.

As a result, compassion and sensitivity are my 'superpowers’ and the lenses through which I view the world. I bring this mindset and these practices to my coaching practice.

My personal and professional mission is to help as many people as possible return to leading rewarding, active, and fulfilling while minimizing the effects of stress and anxiety.


Age: 61

Location: San Jose, CA