Essential Non-Conformity

Remaining focused on the essentials while actively disrupting the status quo (it’s actually a good thing).


Essential Non-conformity combines elements of essentialism* and progressive individualism. This means that an essential non-conformist adheres to two lifelong practices:

  1. Essentialism: Discerning the vital few from the trivial many* - we live our lives awash in the recurrent waves of the trivial. The essential non-conformist recognizes the undisciplined pursuit of the trivial as a default practice; it doesn’t require any critical thinking and is based on impulse-driven behavior. He/she deliberately seeks to define her/his path by examining false beliefs, assumptions, and non-serving habits and practices and untethering from those that do not lead to personal growth.

  2. Progressive Individualism: Purposely disrupting the status quo in favor of personal growth and forward momentum. The essential non-conformist isn’t content with letting life unfold and reactively adapting to its developments. Instead, he/she resists this default by purposely disrupting the status quo instead of being subject to it. It’s been said that you can either manage the status quo or lead the disruption - The essential non-conformist leads the disruption.

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